Nicole Neri, Center for Human Services

The style and content of the presentation was exactly what I wanted the students to hear and see.  You did a great job engaging the youth and presenting content and language that was relevant to their age and population.  I liked that there was a mix of video, PowerPoint, handouts and communicated information.  You are a fantastic presenter!

Hope you have a wonderful summer and look forward to working with you again soon!

MJC Student

“I was amazed to learn that human trafficking is such a huge crime in the United States. I was raised in Modesto, and had no idea it was in my own backyard. I was shocked, and surprised. I had never heard of human trafficking. It is sad to know that young girls (between the ages of 12 and 14) are forced into this. I wish more people were educated on this topic.”

Detective Steven Anderson, Modesto Police Department – Special Victim’s Unit.

As a Detective, I have found Without Permission to not only be an asset in Human Trafficking cases, but a necessity. On many occasions I have called Without Permission, even at odd hours, and have had you, or one of you navigators respond. If I did not have Without Permission to be with the victim, keeping them company, giving them a place to stay, helping them get through the criminal justice system, these cases would never make it to trial. This allows me, or another investigating officer to concentrate on the investigation because we know the victim is in good hands. I consider Without Permission one of my partners and would absolutely not be successful without them.

Constance B. Pack, Knowing the Word, Inc.

Each day the world news shines the spotlight on an old, ugly, brutal crime of sex trafficking. No longer is it shamefully reported to be happening in some far-away country. Sadly, it is among us. For such a time as this, Without Permission, is rising to meet the needs of those whose lives have been stolen. Without Permission also works alone side law enforcement to bring awareness of the plight of trafficked people and rescue them.

After the rescue, Without Permission continues the intensive process of restoring the shattered life by providing safe housing, compassion, and hope. The rescue is not complete without the hope for complete restoration of human dignity.

Carol Shipley, Assistant District Attorney

I am so thankful for Debbie Johnson and her vision and passion to start Without Permission. Without her reaching out to District Attorney Birgit Fladager, we would not have launched our Human Trafficking Task Force. The fact that Without Permission runs almost strictly on volunteers is very impressive as is the impact they have made on Human Trafficking in this County. Debbie’s never-ending training of our law enforcement partners, her fund raising for victim shelters, and the opening of one of those shelters, is nothing short of miraculous! Our trafficking victims receive the most compassionate services by her team of volunteers. The information she and her team share in Juvenile Hall is preventing countless other youth from becoming victims. I cannot say enough what it means to have an agency like Without Permission standing beside us as we prosecute those who traffic human beings.