Our Mission

Establish Justice at the City Gate
Compassion – Freedom – Justice

Survivor Support- Psalms 4:8

Just His House, opening 2013, will be a short term shelter for women to establish a safety plan and work through the prosecution process. Our safe houses are held at private locations to ensure the women protection and to provide a safe and loving environment. We will help with life skills such as, cleaning, cooking, and communicating as well as employment development, plus provide immediate needs such as food, personal hygiene, and clothing. The survivor will have a “Navigator” assigned to them to work through the restoration and recovery program process.

Justice Projects – Isaiah 1:17

“It is to equip and serve Stanislaus County Probation, Police, Sheriff and District Attorney Departments in the area of Human Sex Trafficking. Providing them with national training resources, techniques in addressing victims, visible signs to look for and key questions to ask during the interview. Our desire is help them secure any evidence collected which can be utilized in the eventual prosecution of the trafficker.

Outreach – John 8:36

Our mission is to expose the reality of human trafficking through media, drama, music, and dance to teach youth and young adults that predators are in our schools, in our cities and nation. We will create school assemblies, night rallies, college campus open-air events, church services, community events as well as fundraising events to raise awareness.

Upcoming Events

  • May 3, 20141:45pm Delta Kappa Gamma Chi State Convention
  • May 7, 201412pm Merced Rotary
  • May 10, 20149am Kaiser
  • May 13, 20148am Creative Alternatives
  • May 20, 20148am Creative Alternatives
  • May 24, 20149am Creative Alternatives
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